First farmers and herders in Leskovac region

Landscape near Svinjarička Čuka (F. Ostmann, © OREA)
Landscape near Svinjarička Čuka (F. Ostmann, © OREA)


This research area focuses on the Early Neolithic period around Leskovac in southern Serbia. The region is geographically connecting the Mediterranean world (via Vardar-Axios Valley) and the Balkans (South Morava valley) and therefore of central importance for the process of the Neolithisation in Southeastern and Central Europe.

Project objectives

  • Visualization of Early Neolithic environment and human impact on the basis of paleo-environmental prospection and geophysical and geomorphological prospection results
  • Online platform with first results from surveys and excavation


Core drilling (F. Ostmann, © OREA)
Field walking survey (F. Ostmann, © OREA)
Magnetic prospection (F. Ostmann, © OREA)
Pottery sherds from Svinjarička Čuka (F. Ostmann, © OREA)