Late Bronze Age communities in Bosnia

View on Kopilo standing at Ravna (M. Gavranovic, © OREA)
View on Kopilo standing at Ravna (M. Gavranovic, © OREA)


Another remarkable interaction of landscape and human impact is to observe in the case of the Late Bronze Age occupation of the mountainous area in central part of Bosnia, with hillforts located on dominant strategic position overlooking small river valleys and basins. One striking example is the Zenica Basin along the River Bosna with sites Kopilo and Gradišće, both situated on high plateaus (700m above sea level). To add are also stone tumuli (diameter between 5 and 15 m), spread along the ridge below Gradišće representing the necropolis of the settlement. This complex of sites in Zenica Basin offers a great opportunity for a generic visual model of the micro-region Bronze Age settlement pattern in the mountain zone of Dinaric Alps.

Project objectives

  • Visual modelling of the ancient landscape with sites


The area of interest of this case study region (© Google Earth)
View from Kopilo over the Zenica basin towards Gradišće (© Google Maps)
Fieldsurvey at Kopilo (M. Gavranovic, © OREA)
Shaving knife found in the region (M. Gavranovic, © OREA)